Life Saving Meals Delivered in Uganda!

This year our emergency relief teams, around the world, have been busy as they continue their mission to deliver meals to villages and families in life-threatening circumstances. Normally these reports come to us from our efforts in the South Sudan, Ethiopia or Somali-land, but this month our partners have saved lives and delivered hope for the hopeless in the country of Uganda.


This little boy was surviving by eating grasshoppers because of the drought in Uganda. Thanks to our partners he has been provided with nourishing meals! 

Our partner and Uganda coordinator Judi shares, “The prolonged drought continues in Uganda which has meant that most all personal family gardens have failed in many villages. The poorest Ugandans depend on their gardens for food. This has begun to result in famine in many areas. We listened…and we heard the suffering of the poorest people in the outlying villages where we’ve worked for the past seven years. And with the help of our special partners and CHRF donors… we responded, and answered many prayers.”


These children in Uganda now have food to eat! 

Judi goes on to explain how amazed and blessed the mothers and families were to receive food, “Not only did it bring physical nourishment but it also showed the villagers that they are not forgotten. There are people far away who care about them and for many, they could not believe it. When our team arrived many of the children and families had not eaten in many days. We have helped them when everyone else has forgotten about them.”


One happy family blessed to receive food. 

Thanks to Judi’s efforts, and a very generous grant to CHRF, we have been able to distribute over 50,000 meals in the last month to over three hundred families and many hungry children including children who have been living on the street. But there is still much more to do. This initial grant will only last a few more weeks until the families and children run out of food again, our partners ask for only two things. Prayer that the rains return and end the drought, and food for the children and families to hold them over until the rains come back!


Part of the distribution to provide over 50,000 meals! 

The good news is that by providing the meals in bulk our partners have been able to provide a meal for less then 20 cents! That means ten dollars can help to provide 50 meals in Uganda!


Please continue your prayers for families in Uganda like this one as they continue to struggle to survive. 

Please pray for the rains to return to Uganda and end the life-threatening drought! Please pray for the families living in Uganda that they find a way to save their children. And thank you for your support to help these children.


Thank you for helping to put a smile on this boys face, a meal in his stomach, and hope for his future. 

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