An Update from the field: South Sudanese Refugees

The CHRF Emergency Relief Team has been working around the world all year to fulfill our mission to bring life-saving food and aid to children, families and entire villages that no one else, not the local government or another non-profit, has helped. This year has been one of CHRF’s biggest as far as food distributions from our Emergency Relief Team, with our help they have distributed more then 3,000,000 meals to thousands of children and their families in areas like Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and many more! That 3,000,000 meals is in addition to the millions of meals that we “normally” provide with our other partners at various schools, orphanages and feeding centers.

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Never has so little meant so much to a child. 

“The more meals we can distribute in the field means the more lives that we have helped to save.” Shared CHRF’s Emergency Relief Director. “The children that we find in an isolated desert, miles and miles away from any other help, are often on the brink of death. Their mother’s have many times lost hope, but that’s where we come in thanks to the work and donors of CHRF. We are able to bring hope to the hopeless and help save children’s lives that day. How? Through a small meal that costs just ten cents! Never has so little meant so much to a child.”

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The CHRF Team distributes meals in the Somaliland this year. 

The CHRF Emergency Relief Team constantly risk their lives by going to dangerous and war-torn areas in order to find these children and families that are not receiving any other aid. Over the years in the field helping to distribute life saving meals that have been targeted, shot at and bombed. Sadly we have lost 9 partners in the field from acts of violence. And yet they are resilient in their mission, “I wouldn’t trade this job for anything in the world. It’s one of the most important jobs there is, helping to save children’s lives whom otherwise might die without our help.”

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Displaced children from the South Sudan receive food from CHRF!  

Recently the Emergency Relief team has been traveling to a new destination, Uganda, to help thousands of families who are on the run. “We have countless amounts of South Sudanese refugees pouring down from South Sudan to their southern neighbor in Uganda. It may not be on the news in the United States but it is the news in Africa. According to the UN Refugee Agency the number of refugees now exceeds one million! The important thing to remember is that these people, who are traveling as families, have escaped their war-ravaged homes with nothing but their lives. They are also completely exhausted physically after being on the run for their lives, and also emotionally and mentally depleted after leaving everything behind, many having lost family members in the senseless fighting. Will where they live? Where will they get their next meal? Where will they get their next meal for their small child? That is where we come in.”

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Where will they get their next meal for their small child?

This year CHRF will have helped distribute over 1,000,000 pounds of food (over 3,000,000 meals) to these families, it’s incomprehensible to realize how much each pound means to these families. They have nothing, no food and no hope. Often times the parents must choose between their children in order to decide who is going to stop getting food first. Why? Because they are running out and they can no longer feed all of their children. Can you imagine what that would be like for your family? These aren’t just stories, they are real people, real families, real mothers who love their children and real grandmothers who love their grand children who really are put into this terrible situation. Our Emergency Relief team shared that many times after they distribute all of the thousands of meals to these families all they can do is cry. The suffering and pain of these children and mothers is so real, after you help them you must let yourself embrace the deep sadness of the situation. By the time our team has gotten to them we can still save many lives, but for a few it is too late.

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Often times the parents must choose between their children in order to decide who is going to stop getting food first.

No parent should ever have to choose which of their children they are going to stop feeding, their suffering is beyond our understanding, but yet, it is not beyond our reach. Together, with the help of our generous donors and our heroic team that risks their lives to go into the dangerous field we are helping thousands of families, many of whom have been forced into this horrific situation. “I just can’t thank our donors and supporters at home enough for what they are helping make possible out here in places like Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. I don’t think it’s easy to understand that the support you have made translates into us being able to help not just provide meals but also hope and life to these desperate families. I wish that our donors could meet some of the children that they have helped to save. Or hug some of the mothers that they have saved from choosing between their children. They are all eternally grateful for your help and so am I”.

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Thank you for helping CHRF create miracles and provide food for these children! 

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