Merry Christmas Around the World

During this special time of year we are reminded how precious and priceless our families are as we gather to celebrate Christmas. At Children’s Hunger Relief Fund we have the special privilege of supporting our “extended family” and partners all around the world as they work tirelessly to provide not a only a happy Christmas for the children that they provide for, but also a safe and happy home for them as well. This year many of our partners have given us Christmas Greetings to share with our donors and supporters and so we share them with you as well as an overview of our work around the world. Our partners have also given children priceless Christmas Parties wherever they could.


One of our partners celebrates Christmas with a darling little girl who has a safe home thanks to caring people like you. 

Our Emergency Relief Team traveled to dangerous and isolated regions of South Sudan and Ethiopia regularly in 2017 and also made a special trip in December to provide not only more life-saving supplies but also a few Christmas presents as well! The team also made a special trip to provide supplies and Christmas presents for Syrian Refugees trying to survive along the Jordanian-Syrian Border.


Children from Syria find happiness before they receive their Christmas presents this year! 

In Burundi CHRF supports a local school, each year helping provide tens of thousands of school lunches for children in need-who are so thankful to have the opportunity to gain an education. This year the children said they enjoyed going on Christmas Break!

In Costa Rica we work with our long time partner whom operates a community kitchen Soup Program which provides daily meals for children and families living in great need within their tight knit community.

In Haiti we work with our partners to fund a rescue clinic which specializes in providing care for children suffering from the horrible effects of malnourishment. Caring for up to 100 patients (infants and young children) each day. Mothers often bring their children from hours away to receive the lifesaving and loving care provided at Real Hope. The children receive IV fluids, therapeutic milk and “Plumpy Nut’ Therapeutic food depending on the level of malnourishment to return to full health.



Children all over the world are celebrating Christmas with CHRF! 

In Kenya CHRF partners and provides services including the CHRF sponsored “WASH” Program focusing on clean water and Hygiene in over 200 schools in Kenya. Our partners also provide services which include malaria treatment and prevention, mobile health clinics, and other education programs.

In Zambia our partners hosted a wonderful Christmas Party for the orphans that now live with them in a happy and safe home after being rescued from abandonment.

In Mexico in the dangerous Cartel controlled city of Juarez on the border of the US our partners operate a school, children’s home and church program which provides around the clock care for around 100 children in great need. These children were delighted to receive presents this year and be able to experience a truly “Merry” Christmas.


One young boy is able to celebrate Christmas with a present this year! 

In Nicaragua our partners provided a special Christmas Party for hundreds of children at local schools, church programs and children’s homes throughout Nicaragua which provide care for hundreds of children. The schools and children’s homes provide daily meals that ensure no child goes hungry! Weekly church outreach programs are conducted to share the love of God to children and families in need.

Just a few of the beautiful faces that we are helping to feed in Nicaragua!

Just a few of the beautiful faces that we are helping to feed in Nicaragua!

Together we have helped orphans, displaced and impoverished families all over the world experience a little joy during this Christmas and we are so grateful to have your support as we make these miracles possible around the world. From all of us at Children’s Hunger Relief Fund and our projects around the world we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


From All of us at CHRF and our partners around the world, Merry Christmas!! 




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