Summer Update from Uganda: Bananas, Clean Water and Happiness!

CHRF has been working with our partners for many years on multiple self-sustaining projects not only in Uganda but around the world.



The Children with their new healthy bananas!

One of those projects has been growing different fruits and vegetables at our various projects in and around Kampala Uganda. Earlier this year our CHRF team was ecstatic to see first hand the different foods that our partners have been growing including corn, lettuce, tomatoes and mangoes. Mangoes take multiple years to grow and cultivate anywhere in the world and we are so proud of our partners for their achievement.


These two precious children share their bananas with their classmates.

This year our partners were also able to grow Bananas, a challenge that they have been working on for several seasons. The children love Bananas and were overjoyed to finally be able to enjoy the fresh fruit.


The younger children line up for their healthy snacks.

CHRF has also recently funded the final stages of yet another new water-well, this time in the small Ugandan Community of Ssembabule. Pastor Jackson, one of the community leaders led his congregation of over two-hundred people in a celebration of the their new clean water system. They took time to thank CHRF, our partners and our donors for helping to complete this miracle in Africa!

Waiting for our wqter truck

These beautiful children from Ssembabule will now have access to clean drinking water!

Thank you again to all of our CHRF Donors for making stories like these possible! Together we are making a difference in the lives of children and families around the world.

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