200 Schools in Kenya to Host Clean Drinking Water and Hygiene Programs!

Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is once again proud to work with our partners on the ground in Kenya, led largely by Dr. Philip Rasori and Dr. Kajiri Mugambi, as together we strive to provide clean water and a sanitization program for another 20 schools in the Maara Sub-County of Kenya. Last year we reported how, together, CHRF and our partners had made history by providing all 181 schools in the district with both clean water and sanitization programs (http://chrf.org/blog/clean-water-in-kenya-and-ghana-for-thousands/). Since then the region has been blessed with 20 NEW schools and so CHRF and our partners are currently working to provide these new schools with the invaluable clean water system and hygiene program that our partners work so tirelessly to provide to the Maara Sub-County.

chrf vhi photo

Another new well provided to the Children of Kenya! 

Previously our partners estimated that the clean water reached over 45,000 school children. Now, with the addition of the new schools, that number will grow closer to 50,000 children! What is truly shocking is the fact that to provide a child clean water in Kenya costs as low as 2.5 cents per month, or 30 cents for the entire year! It’s always a miracle to see how much good can helped to be done for so little.

VHI Washing Hands

Children line up to wash their hands at one of the school’s hygiene programs. 

Led by Dr. Philip Rasori and Dr. Mugambi since 2000, Dr. Rasori reports that their team has now distributed over 10,000 potentially life-saving malaria nets over the last six years, a number he reports is historical for Kenya. “Thanks much in part to Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, we continue to help to provide for around 50,000 school children in Kenya and are proud to have the only sanitization and hygiene committee so far in the country. But there are over 12,000,000 school children currently in Kenya and it is our hope that someday all of these children will have access to not only clean drinking water, but also soap and a hygiene program.”

Malaria Nets

Children in Kenya receive potentially life saving Mosquito nets from our Partners. 

Both doctors have been nominated for CHRF’s Good Samaritan of the year for their historic work in Kenya.

Kids Smiling

Clean Drinking Water means Happy and Healthy Children, thank you for helping make this possible for children in Kenya. 

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