Legendary Leadership: From Commoner to King

This Week Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is proud to present a new book by Board Director Dr. Monte E. Wilson.

Dr. Wilson has served with CHRF since 1988 and has been risking his life to help others for even longer as he has traveled to extremely dangerous countries and warzones with the CHRF Emergency Relief Team.

Dr. Wilson, a Knight & Protector for Many of the World's Forgotten, Hungry, and Abused Children.

Dr. Wilson, a Knight & Protector for Many of the World's Forgotten, Hungry, and Abused Children.

Dr. Wilson, a Knight that has always fought for the defense of the poor, hungry, and abused, has also held conferences and seminars all over the world in order to help communities in the third world become more sufficient.

His newest book, Legendary Leadership- From Commoner to King, makes several great insights on what it truly means to be a leader drawing from the Ancient lessons of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

To read more about the book visit the website at http://www.legendaryleadership.org/

What’s Inside Legendary Leadership?

King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable: the legend of chivalrous knights warring against tyranny and injustice, rescuing the weak and defenseless, and questing after the Holy Grail. How is it that this legend has remained so popular for over a thousand years? One of the main reasons is that, for the vast majority of readers, these stories resonate with an inner hope that life can be like this.

Dr. Wilson's New Book, "Legendary Leadership From Commoner To King".

Dr. Wilson's New Book, "Legendary Leadership From Commoner To King".

The fiction of the stories of Arthur and Camelot is filled with truth. There is a vision to seek after, a “Camelot” to establish in our homes and communities, schools and businesses. There are quests worthy of every ounce of our energy. There are noble knights with whom we are to work alongside. There are Arthurs who’s hearts are noble, Mordreds who’s intentions are evil, and Merlins who can help train us to see the difference. There are Codes of Chivalry—what we will and will not do, as we seek to attain our vision—to guide our behaviors. There are battles (metaphorically and literally) for ideals that are worthy of our sweat and blood. There is a Holy Grail to quest after. And your heart has told you this is so.

Your heart has possibly also told you that you have somehow disqualified yourself from the quest, or that you are not capable or worthy of such a life, or that such quests are the figments of a childish imagination. This too is found in Arthurian legends, as well as wisdom for how to find your way back to the Quest for Camelot and Legendary Leadership.

This Quest is neither a sentimental journey nor a romantic lark. Becoming a Legendary Leader is serious business with consequences that reverberate, for good or ill, for generations to come. The choices you make regarding who you intend to become and what you intend to do with the opportunities before you leaves a lasting impression on all those who know you.

This book is about how to live and work in such a way as to create a legacy that, after you have left this world, still inspires others to follow after the ideals, values, and principles that your life embodied.

To read more great articles from Dr. Wilson visit http://godonthenet.org/.

Besides serving on the Board for Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, Dr. Wilson is an active advocate for Sexually Abused and Trafficked children and women. He is Founder and Chairman of Stopping Traffic International and works to help prevent Trafficking as well as caring for victims who have been rescued from the terrible crimes. Their website can be visited at http://stoppinghumantrafficking.com/home

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