Sharing Love & Compassion to our Orphans in Transnistria.

For Years CHRF has been proud to sponsor different children who have been orphaned in the impoverished country of Transnistria, adjacent to Moldova in Eastern Europe. Thanks to our CHRF Donors we are able to help and support young girls in finding a new home and family where they will find food, shelter and most importantly of all, love.

Why this project? In a country where an estimated 60% of female orphans will grow up to be prostitutes and when 70% of orphaned boys turn into criminals Children’s Hunger Relief Fund will not idly stand by without seeing something done to help these innocent young orphaned children!

Many of the precious children are often abandoned because their parents have fallen into alcoholism, death or have been arrested and confined to jail.

It is sometimes hard to put into perspective, and especially into words, what a difference our CHRF Donors make in the lives of beautiful children from around the world. We have included a letter that was written to CHRF on behalf of our donors from a young girl whom we support in Trasnistria.

Because of Donors like YOU, this little girl, Rita, not only has a safe home to live in, food to eat, the means and necessary resources to attend school but most importantly of all a foster family who LOVES her.

Our Darling Girl Rita!

Our Darling Girl Rita!

We have included her letter in this blog in order to share with our readers only a peak at the happiness, joy, love and peace that you help provide all over the world.

Dear CHRF Family,

This is Rita writing to you. It is summer now and I don’t go to school. But it is interesting to stay at home too. I have a little niece. Her name is Polina. I love her so much! When I play with her, she always smiles and laughs, though she is four and a half months only.

Also we have a little kitten. Somebody beat it and abandoned. My mother found it and brought it home. We called him Shrek first, but now we call him Marsik. He is so cute.

And a little bit earlier some boys gave my mom a little owl. It was bitten by dogs. The boys found it and gave to my mom. She nursed it and now it lives in the attic because it would be hard for it to live in a cage. Mom says when it gets stronger we will free it. But I don’t want because no one of my friends has an owl but I have.

This year I will go to another school. My mom hopes that it will be better for me there. Thank you for everything you do for me.

With love,

Rita & Other Orphans like her are able to attend schools because of CHRF Donors!

Rita & Other Orphans like her are able to attend schools because of CHRF Donors!

From all of us here at Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, thank you for partnering with us to help beautiful young innocent children like Rita find a safe home in not only Transnistria but all over the world!

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