CHRF Provides Emergency Care & Support For the Haiti Cholera Outbreak.

Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is proud to end up the 2011 year with great news from our project partners in Haiti. Along with our partners CHRF has helped over 35,000 sick children and their families in Haiti get the medical attention they need and the medicine that can cure them!

Many of the cases in Haiti have been due to the Cholera outbreak in rural villages throughout the county. It’s amazing that Haiti still hurts from the devastation of the earthquake nearly 2 years later (Cholera is most often caused by dirty and unsanitary water).

A Haitian Mother Takes her Child to the life-saving clinic.

A Haitian Mother Takes her Child to the life-saving clinic.

We have included the story of Madeline, a little girl that was saved with the help of CHRF this last year!
Thanks to CHRF we were able to save Madeline, a precious six year old girl who recently lost her mother. Madeline’s father, Andre, tried desperately to save his daughter, but she was continuing to slip away from him. Her weight had plummeted to 25 pounds and her skeleton body began to swell. Knowing that Madeline was on the edge of death, Andre carried her eight hours to our local clinic. Because of CHRF’s support, we were able to look Andre in the eyes, take his dying daughter in our arms, and promise we would do everything possible to save her. After 11 months, Madeline recently returned to the loving arms and grateful heart of Andre.

Another child saved! Another Family Strengthened!

Thanks in part to the many thousands of CHRF Donors and partners now thousands of Haitians men, women and children have received the urgent medical attention that they needed to get on the quick road to recovery.

Not only is CHRF helping Haiti with medical attention but we are also helping the rebuilding process of the country through our brink making machines and many feeding projects!

For more information please visit our website at

We hope you will join us next year as we continue fighting for the lives of children around the world, one child at a time.

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