Over 1,000,000 Meals Delivered to Ethiopia & Somali Families!

Since late August of this year (2011) Children’s Hunger Relief Fund has been working towards our goal of distributing One Million Meals to starving children and their desperate families who are in great need and horrific circumstances.

Somali Children Protecting Their New Supply of Food!

Somali Children Protecting Their New Supply of Food!

With frequent and malicious kidnappings of Aid & Relief workers in the Somali Region, an uncooperative government and hundreds of thousands of people driven into chaos and frustration by starvation, these delivery trips were anything but easy.

“We had a few scares and some real close calls.” Tells our Emergency Relief Team Leader who has been traveling in and out of the Somali Region for months now, desperately searching for a way to get as many meals to the starving people in the region who need it most.

“We had to have at least a dozen body guards with us at all times to protect the food from thieves and protect us from kidnapping and being held ransom which is happening all over this region.”

The need is great, but thanks to our CHRF Emergency Relief Team and our CHRF Donors we have achieved our goals of providing the children and their families with over 1,000,000 meals! Now with our team going into the Somali Region again soon we will far surpass our goal and continue to help providing food for children and their families where NO OTHER relief Agencies have been able to help.

A Beautiful Somali Boy

A Beautiful Somali Boy

“We have located entire villages and hundreds of families who hadn’t been receiving any aid. Thank God we were able to help them. It may only seem like a little bit, a donation of 5,10,20 or a 100 dollars, but when you are here, providing meals that only cost 10-30 cents, you can realize the impact and incredible amount of support and hope for life that you have given these people. I am blessed and so grateful to be able to provide these thousands of children and their families with the help and generous support that CHRF Donors have volunteered from the love and compassion of their hearts.”

For making these combined deliveries of over 1,000,000 meals possible, we THANK YOU!

About Children's Hunger Relief Fund

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