Estimated 500,000 children and women sex trafficked inside the US.

It’s an unknown Epidemic if ever there was one. An estimated 500,000 children at the average age of 12 are sexually trafficked within the United States. The perpetrators tactics stoop lower than most people can even fathom, including using Bible Verses to convince children that they were somehow meant to be used for sex.

In past blogs we have discussed issues that go on around the world. Although the stories are often equally as horrifying (Children being Murdered in Africa as “Witches”) we do not often realize the terrible tragedies and despicable crimes that too frequently occur immediately around us. In our own neighborhoods!

Among other things it has also been reported to CHRF that many people are now setting up foster care homes only in order to collect money from the government and provide the bare-minimum to “their children”.

Although there are hundreds of thousands of true stories of women and children being enslaved and stories of many of them being rescued, we will neglect to publish any due to the extremely sensitive nature of the material. Many children are being helped but many more still remain in captivity and enslaved.
Despite this HUGE problem (500,000 in the US alone) currently only 3 “homes” exist where children who have been rescued from sex slavery can go to start their rehabilitation process.
Thankfully Children’s Hunger Relief Fund has found people and projects whom we can trust to help continue this fight against one of the most sickening evils imaginable. CHRF continues to work towards prevention as well as rehabilitation for children who have been sexually trafficked not only domestically but internationally as well.
For more stories, including reports from our team then went to Asia to find projects to help children who had been rescued from sex trafficking, please visit our website at
We at CHRF encourage you to do more research about child sex trafficking here in the United States and become increasingly aware about this infuriating issue.

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