CHRF Plans to deliver One Million Meals to Somalia!

It will be one of the biggest food distributions that Children’s Hunger Relief Fund has ever conducted, and with thousands of children and their families still starving around the horn of Africa, it’s just in the nick of time.

“We plan to make several distribution trips throughout September. Our goal is to deliver around Sixty tons of food to misplaced and starving refugees that no other organizations are reaching.” Said CHRF International Relief Director, Mr. H.

“Planning these trips out is crucial and can still be very dangerous. Some of the people out there cannot recognize if you are the “good guys” or the “bad guys” and will attack you, others don’t even care, good or bad, they will attack.”

Children’s Hunger Relief Fund CEO is very excited about the September trips. “Sixty Tons of food being delivered! That is close to a million meals! It’s only because of the recent donations that have come in from our generous and supportive donors that have made this even possible. So many hungry children and their families will be incredibly grateful.”

Hundreds of Thousands of Meals will be Delivered to Hungry Children.

The need is still great with the aftermath of famine, drought and civil war still causing hundreds of thousands of people to start over with their lives from scratch (AKA NOTHING). Many of them have no way of creating any type of income or providing for their families. With your help and generosity CHRF is providing hundreds of thousands of meals to these desperately needy people. Thank you for your help!

About Children's Hunger Relief Fund

Est. 1975
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