Southern Sudan Granted Independence!

For those of our readers who have not yet heard, Southern Sudan was granted their independence as a nation just days ago. This marks a huge step for the people of Sudan as they have been trying to gain their independence from the North for years and years. The two areas of the country have been in a bloody civil war against each other for years despite US and UN attempts to establish peace. The war has caused thousands of death and even more indirect casualties as children have suffered losing their parents in the war.

Sudanese Children Who Have Received Support and Meals from CHRF.

Sudanese Children Who Have Received Support and Meals from CHRF.

Because of the fighting and strict Government laws delivering aid to starving children and families has been very difficult for relief agencies over the past few years. Children’s Hunger Relief Fund was one of only a few organizations that refused to stand idly by and watch children starve to death. Instead, with the help of our international relief team, and thanks to the generosity of our donors, CHRF has been delivering hundreds of thousands of meals to the desperate people of Sudan for years.

With the New Government in Place Relief Trips Should Be Much Safer For Agencies and the Locals in Need.

The great news is that with the newly recognized Southern Government of Sudan delivering aid, supplies and food to children and families that are still in a desperate situation should be much easier and far less dangerous.

Children’s Hunger Relief Fund is very proud to support the children and families that need help in the Sudan. For more information about our projects in the Sudan please visit

An Image of the Southern Sudan Rebel Army Who Helped Gain Independence For Their Country.

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