What Will You Do After You Retire?

What to do after retirement? For most of us the answer is simple, nothing! Maybe pick up a few fun hobbies but otherwise most people’s dream is to work hard and long enough in order to retire in the future and just relax. Well, not for Judi Gentry, CHRF’s Good Samaritan of 2010.

Judi With One of Her Favorite Children!

Judi first came to us when CEO, Colonel V. Doner, met her outside the front of a grocery market. Judi was asking people for spare change to build a well for her favorite orphanage in Uganda. Children’s Hunger Relief Fund was so impressed and grateful for her dedication that through our Donors support, we were able to give Judi enough funds to finish the entire well.

Judi, after working in Africa to save animals when she was younger, returned to Uganda in March of 2010 to visit a few different orphanages. Her quest was to find an orphanage that was organized enough to function but also in great need. When she finally met the 35 children who had been orphaned after HIV Aids had taken the majority of their parents, Judi looked no further for a place to support.

For over a year now Judi has been fundraising in the United States the only way she knows how, in front of markets to complete strangers!

“I’m not good with the internet. I need to see people face to face to ask them for help. People are so wonderful and have helped me feed my thirty-five children”.

Judi is a true example of how everything and anything can help. She and her grandchildren have fundraised thousands of dollars selling bracelets, asking for donations and even offering massages!

Judi has not only helped feed the children over the last year but also bought them a cow and of course, supply the clean water well. Her dream is that the orphanage will one day be self-sufficient.

The Clean Water Well which CHRF and Judi Partnered together to Build!

The Cow, "Heather", that Judi bought for the Orphanage!

On Behalf of everyone at the CHRF team we would like to Thank Judi for her amazing dedication to her 35 children that she supports in Uganda.

Keep up the Great Work!

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