The Greatest Crime Ever Committed.

For the last few years Children’s Hunger Relief Fund has fought to help end and prevent one of the world’s sickest and most tragic crimes, child-sex trafficking. Our work and reach has expanded from the United States all over the globe to the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico and Africa.

Upon meeting and visiting hundreds of young boys and girls who had been rescued from sexual traffickers in Asia and Africa, CHRF CEO, Colonel V. Doner, has made it a top priority to assist with the recovery and rehabilitation process of the rescued children.

“It is inexcusable for any human being to treat another, no less a child, in this sick and despicable way. Together, with our partners around the world, CHRF is working to stopping these horrific crimes and working to help the children who have already suffered get back on their feet.”-CHRF Executive.

The stories, if you have not already heard them, are truly sick and gruesome. Young children, some as young as four years old, are stolen or sold into slavery and from that point on barely kept alive and only in order so that grown men can have sex with them. The children, for the most part, are kept in dark rooms and greeted by up to fifteen different strange men a day who force them to perform sexual acts.

CHRF has worked with partners not only to work to stop these travesties through prevention and awareness programs but help the children recover. First by feeding them and giving them shelter and then, carefully and slowly, re-integrating them again with the world and other children. They can then go on to join other children in school and eventually, get a job reserved for these victimized children. Through this carefully designed process the kids have small steps to take as they re-establish a new and fresh identity, not forgetting what they have gone through, but rejoicing over the miracle of surviving!

Some of the Rescued and now Smiling girls at one of CHRF's projects in Juarez, Mexico.

Finally CHRF has also funded “UCAN” seminars that have also been designed to help these children psychologically, emotionally and spiritually understand what they have gone through and from there, go on to reaching for and achieving their goals.

Explore the CHRF website to discover more about our projects helping these children and ways to help!

About Children's Hunger Relief Fund

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