Wells, Wells, Wells!

This Week CHRF is proud to talk about our International Water Well program. In particular, the amazing work being done with our partners in Kenya. As always, our work starts because of a great need around the world. In the isolated towns of Kenya children and their families were often forced to walk MILES in order to find clean water.

Now in the last year however Children’s Hunger Relief Fund has funded and completed ELEVEN different water wells in Kenya that provide clean water for over 5,300 people! Not bad! But the real exciting news is that the wells have an average life for ten years (sometimes as long as 20) and with the average cost of the water wells around $2,500 that means that it only takes ONE PENNY to provide TEN cups of water to a child!

If you don’t believe it just do the math:

The cost of the well ($2,500.00) divided by the amount of kids and beneficiaries (avg. 500 to be conservative) times the amount of cups of water per day (1) times every day of the year (365) times the average life of the well (10 years, again, to be conservative).

$2,500.00/ 1,825,000 Cups of water(500x365x10). Equals a cup of water for only one tenth of a cent! In other words, one penny has the potential to provide 10 cups of clean water, now isn’t that exciting!

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