Bin Laden Dead But Families Still in Great Need!

Although, as you have no doubt heard, Osama Bin Laden is finally dead, the country of Afghanistan and it’s people are still in great need as refugees caused by the endless chaos that their county has been in for the last ten years.

For months we planned and arranged for our aid distribution which will take place this weekend. The trucks left Kabul on Wednesday and finally arrived safely in central Afghanistan after passing through some dangerous areas known for hi-jackings and attacks as well as high mountain passes which are often closed due to heavy snow. Logistics and travel in Afghanistan is difficult and with great risk.

Our local team and organizers left by road at 3am this morning, they will secure the area and make sure all arrangements are in place for our weekend distribution. The dangers and threats are numerous, not only from the Taliban but also from thugs/criminals who want to make some money, jealousy and rival tribes, as well as those who do not receive any aid.

Our delivery and distribution will be to poor villagers who live in mountain caves in extreme conditions.

 Emergency Food Package:

Flour 13 kg. Rice 4 kg. Beans 2 kg. Oil 2 kg. Sugar 2 kg. Salt 2 kg. Tea 1 kg. Weight 26kg (57 lbs.)

Cost of food package = $30.00

650 families

Total cost including local, labor, trucks, delivery, security = $49.

 We will also hold meetings with village leaders to discuss the dam project (a sustainable development project to provide water for agriculture) and the next steps forward.

It’s been a great trip delivering much needed food and supplies to people who are isolated in the mountains and need it most!

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