Ethiopia: Unable to Cry for Help.

“I cannot begin to describe the feelings or emotions that one experiences when seeing and holding a dying and suffering child. It is beyond description, a gut wrenching experience”.

The frustration is evident amongst our team members. Just a short plane ride and a few hours drive in a truck and we have been transported from a McDonalds to a place where children have not eaten in weeks. They have lost the necessary energy and ability for their bodies to create tears for them to cry.

“One little girl that I held in my arms was Mihret Eliyas, she is18 months old and weighs 11lbs, severely malnourished; her hair is grey and started falling out into my hands as I held her. Her arm was little more than the size of a man’s finger.”

We also met a little boy named Gedion Bekele, 15 months old, severely malnourished, he cannot walk, stand or even sit up on his own. As with all of these cases, one can see that the head is out of proportion to that of the body (the body being undersized and not growing).

Hard to believe that for the price of a Burger King meal the life of an Ethiopian child can be saved or 4 meals at just under $30 the child will eat every day of the month.

Thankfully we were able to deliver over 100,000 pounds of food which provided over 400,000 meals to the starving, desperate and needy people of Ethiopia.

Please visit to learn more about Ethiopia and how to help these children like Gedion and Mihret who are starving to death everyday.

About Children's Hunger Relief Fund

Est. 1975
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