Young Children Accused of Being Evil Witches:

April is Child abuse awareness month:

It was news to me that tens of thousands of children are being branded as witches and wizards in Nigeria. Because of the greedy, abusive and disgusting behavior and teaching of hundreds of Pastors in Nigeria children are constantly accused of witchcraft when the family is going through a time of hardship (financially or if someone else in the family gets sick).

In some towns 70% of children are kicked out of their homes because they are suspected of being witches. Pastors are paid big money in Nigeria when they perform exorcisms upon the children, most of whom are under the age of five.

Hospitals refused to see children who were accused of witchcraft and schools refused the children to attend. Thankfully the New Governor, Godswill Akpabio, of one province in Nigeria is changing all that and has placed a ten-year prison sentence to anyone who accuses a child of witchcraft.

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