Live Updates From our director in Afghanistan.

And now please enjoy pages from the journal of one of our team members as they help the refugees and children in Afghanistan, Please note for their safety all names and locations have been changed:
It’s just under a 3 hour flight from Dubai, we fly over Iran and snow-capped mountains and land in Kabul, as I enter the airport building one can sense the tension and I have my first flutters and for a moment think my knees are going to start trembling, at this moment I ask myself why I am here, what am I doing, am I going to see my anyone I know again. Visa checked, searches and I’m out of arrivals. It’s about a 200yard walk to the car park, Parking lot A is for those types that are being met by their organization’s or companies with armor plated cars and protection teams waiting.

My guy is here, I am relieved to see him, we jump in the vehicle and head off for the tense 30 minute drive, there is roadblock after roadblock to check vehicles in an attempt to prevent suicide bombers from entering Kabul. The driver points out the supermarket that was bombed last month, it is being rebuilt. I get settled in quickly and make a number of calls. The best information is always on the ground and not from papers and TV. Information that some 90 suicide bombers have entered Kabul over the last few weeks and are preparing for the Spring offensive from around the end of March, the targets supposedly Government leaders.

My mind set has now changed and enters into gear for Kabul, need to be constantly alert and aware, phones fully charged, my day pack with my essentials and gotta run stuff (passport, air ticket, GPS, camera, water, basic medical kit) stays with me 24hrs a day. Things happen very quickly, one needs to be ready to move at a moment’s notice. Before I go to sleep I make sure my shoes and clothes are laid out and ready to put on.

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