Update on our Project in Uganda

Deep in the Heart of Africa there in lies a city surrounded by hunger and its children threatened every day by starvation. Thankfully CHRF has been working with Zana Community Center and its founder, Reverend Emma, to build a safer and healthier place for the children of Kampala Uganda.
For years the Zana Community Center has been giving orphans a place to stay, hungry families a place to eat and neglected children a school where they can learn and study. It’s amazing how many things we take for granted living in the United States. After my first and second trips to Africa it was difficult to listen to my friends complain about gas prices or getting cheese on their burger when I knew thousands of miles away (and even closer) children were not able to sleep because of the acute pain in their stomachs from starvation.
Now with the Zana Community center in the countries capital, Kampala, over 480 children have a place where they can go to receive help and hope. What’s more is that not only are the kids being taught in the school but they are actually learning! Every child in the first few grades go on to pass their classes each year. This is a staggering number for not only Uganda but for everywhere in the world.
With these type of results it is obvious the Reverend Emma and his teachers, nurses and assistants are doing some great things for the children in Uganda and we cannot wait to continue supporting them through the generosity of our Donors.

About Children's Hunger Relief Fund

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