Fundraising for the Sudan.

The situation is grim. The future may or may not be any better with rumors of another civil war breaking out after the elections in January of 2011. Despite the dangers of Sudan our CHRF world project coordinator has traveled many times into the war torn and ravaged country in order to help the refugees and helpless children that have been left stranded by the genocide.

In one case the CHRF team met a mother who had been trapped inside her burning hut after the army had set it on fire. Now she is covered with severe burn wounds, but that is nothing compared to what else she had to endure….. While trapped inside the hut the Mother listened as her three children were hacked and murdered only feet away from her.

In response to this genocide CHRF’s man on the ground Darin (see first blog) just delivered 300,000 meals!

For more on this sad story and other Sudan updates please go to our home page at

This week check out our extensive stories on the Sudan throughout our website and view the CHRF Sudan video.

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